Get a Business Loan at attractive interest rate

Company embarking on a major project, such as infrastructural improvements, the construction of a factory, or expanding into new markets, may require more funding to achieve its goals. Chintamani Finlease comes to the rescue in such situations.


Documents required

  • Last three year’s income tax return.
  • Last three months bank statement.
  • KYC documents as requested.
  • Electricity bill (private property)/Rent agreement (rented property)

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Criteria for Eligibility

Before applying for a loan, you must check over the following qualifying criteria:

  • The applicant's age must be 23 and above
  • Your business must have been in operation for at least three years.
  • Business turnover must be audited by a certified chartered accountant to ensure positive cash flow out of activities.

 The benefits of applying for a business loan with Chintamani Finlease.


No Collateral required : The benefits associated with an online personal loan is that it is unsecured in nature.


Low CIBIL funding : Chintamani demonstrates to be a faithful friend to all of its customers, promising not to abandon them in the time of need by providing loans to those with poor CIBIL scores.


Minimum paperwork : The verification and documentation procedure has become more efficient, with only a few documents required for approval.


Easy and Quick approval : The procedure has gone digital, which has resulted in the reduction of verification time.


Fast assistance. : Personal loan approval is a quick and painless procedure. For any problems, complaints, or feedback, please contact us at


Customer needs in forefront : We aim to provide you with the most personalised experience by handpicking personal loan options based on client profile. All of our services are provided at no cost to our consumers.